Ceiling Repair & Stucco Removal

Here at Simply Smooth Ceiling, we provide a number of repair and removal solutions to the people of the GTA. We are here to end your woes regarding your old-fashioned or defective ceilings. Ceiling repair, stucco, and popcorn ceiling removal are among the services we have gained expertise in, and we can assure you that you can expect the best-in-the-business results even at an affordable price from us.

Ceiling Repair Service

The look of your ceiling matters when it comes to making your rooms beautiful, and\ an old-fashioned or damaged ceiling can damage the appearance of an entire room. No matter how bad the situation is, we can fix everything by sending our experienced tradesmen who know best how to fix such issues.

Our tradesmen are trained, and they have been working in the industry for many years. You shouldn’t be worried about the damage as our tradesmen are knowledgeable and can fix the issues before the damage gets worse. All of our tradesmen are insured and highly trained, and you can depend on their expertise without any hesitation.

How Can We Help You

We have gained expertise in ceiling repairs and renovation services and our skilled tradesmen have served thousands of clients across different cities in Canada, particularly within the GTA. We have both experience and expertise in the field and our tradesmen are equipped with quality materials, safety equipment, and advanced tools. If you are planning to repair your damaged ceiling, never hesitate to call us.

Best Stucco Removal services in Canada

Canada is the home of millions of classic-style homes, where you can still find stucco ceilings. However, it seems that the days of the popcorn-style ceiling have gone and homeowners are now planning to replace them with sleek and more modern ceilings.

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Why Should You Remove Your Stucco Ceiling?

There is nothing wrong in loving the stucco ceiling design as they still look beautiful over the head if well-maintained. However, apart from giving your rooms a classic look, stucco or popcorn ceilings can cause serious health issues. Such kinds of ceilings contain asbestos, and if you disturb the particles, they mix in the air and pollute the environment. If your house is more than 30 years old, the possibility of having loose asbestos particles is high. In addition, popcorn ceilings require frequent maintenance work, and they are harder to repair. If you want to repaint your stucco ceiling, you will have to call experts, as such ceilings need the hand of experts for any work.

How Can We Help You

We are experts in the business of stucco and popcorn ceiling removal services, and we have gained expertise in this field through years of experience. Our tradesmen are skilled and equipped with advanced tools that make their task easy and efficient. Our professionals will be there to execute their tasks smoothly by following safety and security measures. Before we hand over the site to you, our inspectors will make sure that everything has been done perfectly and the site is clean. We will take care of your household items and take measures for their safety.