Ceiling repair tips and tricks – Demystified

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December 23, 2018
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What features make a beautiful, classy home?… Well-structured rooms, sophisticated furnishing, an impressive selection of color combinations, and of course, a smooth finished ceiling. Repaired ceilings can make any house look awkward and out of style. Plus, the risk of toppling it over on your head is not less than a nightmare! So the biggest question is to how we can fix ceiling repair?
With the following ceiling repair tips and tricks, you can recoup the lost charm of your homes in no time.
• For annoying crevices and cracks
Cracks on the walls can bring frustration to the homeowners, as they sometimes never seem to go forever. Despite several attempts to fill them up, cracks somehow reappear. Clean the surface and remove dust and cement particles from the blows. Use a drywall mixture to fill the gap and then use products that form an expandable covering over the wall. These dry up quickly and give a smooth finish to the walls. You must be careful while applying it so that it doesn’t look uneven. You can paint it once it dries to the match the color of the wall or ceiling.
• Lining up with wallpaper
If your ceiling is old-age style and has a lot of unmanageable and awkward patches, you can try this option. These wall liners are made of paper and come in a variety of colors and textures. You need to refill gaps using joint compound, apply a coat of primer and then affix this paper right onto the ceiling. Now it’s also affordable and readily available at stores.
• Remove stains using ceiling stain remover
For old structures having a popcorn ceiling, or any other textured ceiling, this is the best solution. Spray it all over the surface, and those ugly patches would disappear within seconds. It also cuts down your effort to repaint the ceiling, as it mixes well with the color of the roof.

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• Seal the drywall hole
What could be worse for homeowners than finding holes on the ceiling? Try this simple technique to patch visible craters on your drywall ceiling. First, measure the size of the dent with scale and cut out a wooden piece of diameter and depth a little less than the opening. The remaining space is for drywall compound to hold the wooden block firmly in its place. Secure the piece with screws to tighten the wooden bit further. Once it dries up apply another coating of the joint compound followed by primer coating. Don’t forget to paint it with the same color as your roof, to keep the entire episode a secret.
Ceiling cracks are not alarming as long as you face other problems like leakage or finding patches of drywall blackening. If you don’t give attention to ceiling repair tips and tricks, you can expect disasters no less than the roof falling on your head. Apart from just disturbing cosmetic significance, these crevices are signals of upcoming troubles.
Roof trusses are significant causes of drywall ceiling problems. With changing temperature and moisture, these are slowly placed away from joists causing cracks on the drywall ceiling. Water leakage from rooftop tanks is also a significant reason for such ceiling repairs. Problems may further rise to the breeding of molds if such damages go unnoticed. Of all purposes, the primary cause of ceiling cracks is time. After many years of constructions, building structures wither away and lead to changes in their foundation. Proper binding with drywall tape and joint compounds are significant to avoid recurrence of such problems. Make sure to call a professional to have a regular inspection of your walls and ceilings, and follow the above-given ceiling repair tips and tricks and make your home look as young and classy forever.