Different types of the ceiling – Know your fifth wall better!

ceiling design trends 2019
Top ceiling design trends for 2019 – Garnish your home with class and grace!
March 17, 2019
ceiling types

If you are planning to build your dream house from scratch or thinking of redesigning your existing property, this stuff is sure to grab your interest. Until now, we have been familiar with only one or two types of the ceiling, namely popcorn, acoustic, and dull. Don’t get surprised if I tell you; there are many more different types of ceiling options available that can completely transform the outlook of your living space.

The fifth wall has a significant role in enhancing the artistic features of any room. While you search for the most appropriate pattern and type for your ceiling, other factors like the selection of color and furniture are also an integral part of beautifying home décor.

  • The standard Ceiling

The standard ceiling is the regular smooth and flat ceiling common in homes. Though this looks outdated if stylish lighting is accompanied it gives an elegant appearance to the room.

  • The Elevated Ceiling

It isn’t flat instead give a partitioned effect to the ceiling. There may be zig-zag designs or even arched fifth wall come under this category. This kind is sure to provide an uber-cool semblance to your room.

  • The Tray Ceiling

ceiling types

The name says it all, and it seems like an inverted tray kept on top. It is great for dining rooms and kitchen and gives a taller effect to the beholder. A series of small steps are built to add an intriguing result and portraying many trays tied together on top.

  • The Coffered Ceiling

Back then during olden days, the coffered ceiling was meant for high and luxury structures. Coffered Ceiling is artistic costly wood or stone, but fortunately, it is gaining the common man’s attention these days. It contains repeating square or rectangle patterns embossing from the roof. With the use of low cost suspended ceilings, you can bring down the cost.

  • The Symmetrical Ceiling

Also known as a cathedral ceiling, it is pyramidal in shape, and all its slants are equal from different sides. You can hang a heavily embellished chandelier at its apex to give it a fabulous visage.

  • The Beamed Ceiling

These go hand in hand with normal or elevated ceilings. In this type of roof, many beams are available at a standard distance from each other. Faux beams are choicest however some decorators also prefer real wooden beams. The latter is costlier when compared to the former.

  • The Circular dome Ceiling

This one has a round top going upward resembling a dome. It is fantastic to bring a vintage feel and best suited for dining rooms. They come in both open and closed forms. The covered dome ceiling covers up the entire ceiling area while an open circular dome gives a vast expanse going above.

  • The Tall Ceiling

ceiling types

It is a subset of the elevated ceiling, and the height from the ground is higher than the normal range. To cover up the walls, you can add a level of windows to make it more airy and lighted.

It is always important to get expert advice before you initiate the building renovation so that your efforts don’t go in vain. Seek guidance about proper installation of decorative accessories and electrical fittings to avoid future discrepancies. Also, make sure that the contractor works well on the foundation set of the building. It is more important than outward beauty of the building. Research a bit about the hired professional and be sure that they are competent enough to do the installation for you.

Having known so many different types of the ceiling, you must by now have an idea of which pattern would suit best for your house.  There is no thumb rule to choose a particular type of ceiling; you can select and create as many combinations as possible for ceilings. Nevertheless, these ceilings will surely add an extra charm to your home environment. It is the creativity that instills life into these ceiling walls.