Our 2 day process means minimal interruption to your daily life.

Our experience and professionalism has helped us to develop a streamlined and efficient
schedule of tasks, which allows us to finish most homes in just 2 days!

DAY 1 : Preparation

We ensure that all surfaces are covered and protected, including hardwood flooring, carpeting, tiles, and any furniture that can not be moved. We make every effort to cover protected areas with a single, large drop-sheet in order to minimize dust and particles getting through the cracks.

Walls exposed and adjacent to the work areas have protective 3M cling plastic applied, including high-walls in halls & stairways, and handrails. Floor areas not directly in the work environment receive paper masking to minimize dirt and dust being tracked to other areas of the home by workers.

All lights and other ceiling fixtures in the work areas are disconnected and covered to protect from dust and drywall compounds.

DAY 1: Scraping & Removal

After properly preparing the work environment, warm water is first sprayed onto ceiling areas that are to be treated in order to soften existing ceiling textures before scraping.

Removal of existing ceiling textures is completed with both manual and automatic tools by workers on stilts (if possible) to minimize the need for moving ladders or scaffolding. Utmost care is taken in the scraping and removal process, so as not to damage the ceiling, or any existing mouldings.

A thorough sweeping, vacuum and cleanup follows the removal of existing ceiling textures to reduce the chance of dust and debris finding their way to other parts of the home.

DAY 1 : Smoothing & Base Coat

Once removal of the existing ceiling textures is complete, we sand and smooth - including any areas that require minor repairs.

Once smoothed, the ceiling is ready for a base coat consisting of a powdered drywall compound mixed with water. This mixture is applied with a sprayer to ensure an even, consistent coat. This is immediately followed by a manual smoothing process of the rough skim coat.

Once dry, we inspect all surface areas that may require a light sanding for maximum smoothness, and add a second coating of the ceiling compound mixture and smooth again.

DAY 2: Priming & Painting

Before the first coat of primer, we carefully inspect the ceiling, followed by a light sanding to ensure maximum smoothness.

Next, a quality Sherwin Williams Primer product is applied by brush (edges), roller and powered sprayer tools. Another inspection follows the first primer coat, and any areas still requiring patching or sanding are attended to. Any additional patching is primed again.

Once primer is dry, 1 or 2 coats (as necessary) of high quality Sherwin Williams flat white paint is applied by brush, roller and sprayer. Careful attention is paid to ensure the highest quality finish.

DAY 2 : Inspection & Walk Through

Once painting is complete we once again perform a visual inspection, fixing any deficiencies.

Once we are satisfied with the work, a walk-though is scheduled with the client. Any areas identified as less than satisfactory are corrected to the client’s satisfaction.

DAY 2: Cleanup & Completion

Once the client is satisfied with the final result, we remove all protective surfaces, reconnect all ceiling fixtures and ensure a thorough cleaning of the work environment.

All removed ceiling textures and other debris is removed from the site and properly disposed of. All tools are cleaned using our own stations, so that all on-site sinks remain clean.

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