Top ceiling design trends for 2019 – Garnish your home with class and grace!

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ceiling design trends 2019

Home is the place where we tie up our relationships and emotions. Just like we groom our outlook our house needs cosmetic grooming to set up positive vibes in our daily routine. With the New Year embracing us with new aspirations and hopes it’s time to say goodbye to those boring plain ceilings. Let everyone look with awe when they enter your home with some of these latest top ceiling design trends for 2019 that are immaculate and refreshing.

  • Stylish geometrical patterns

Plain smooth ceilings are now unexciting and arid. Consider decorating your ceiling with some embossed shapes like octagons or hexagons and bring back the lost life in your home. These shapes are the most trending ceiling designs for 2019 as they make your room’s expanse look bigger and better. Choose any one color or combination of colors to set a 3-D geometric pattern on the ceiling. You’ll fall in love with the look; it’s a sure bet!

ceiling design trends 2019

  • Dashing Curves

Design curves are synonymous with style. Show off your aesthetic taste with these curves on your ceilings and be the trendsetter for the year. Curved ceiling designs look prettier with pot lights and are most suitable for kitchen or bedroom décor. Give wings to your imagination and set these curvy patterns on the ceiling to steal the show at once.

  • Glamorous stripes

Until now, strips were considered suitable for shirts. How about decorating your ceilings with colorful stripes? It will be great to give it a try if you are looking for an impactful and long-lasting makeover for your ceilings. Hang an embellished chandelier right at the center of the ceiling with these stripes on the background and make those heads turn for sure. A few scattered fluorescent lamps in line with the ceiling can spice up the entire set.

  • Creative partitioning

A personal favorite of professional interior decorators, this one is sure to make your ceiling stand out. Filled with creativity and artistry, it makes your room look bigger and royal. If you have nailed this one for your renovation plan, prepare to check for proper electrical fittings. The partitions look very spectacular with lightings.



  • Vintage wood ceiling

ceiling design trends 2019

For a refreshing change, try setting up a wooden ceiling with horizontal stripes running from the corners. They have been a trending fashion for many years, but for ceilings, this one is latest. Apart from flat-lining of wood, you can think of innovative ways of designing on wood with alternating darker and lighter shades. Paring it with wood flooring would the most beautiful combination ever.

  • Brick does the trick

Line up your ceiling with blocks and create a jazzy landscape for your décor. The ceiling canvas looks out of the world with this brick setting and fills the air with freshness. Remember to place some hanging plants and chandeliers to give it a complete look.

Expert tips to strike the balance

Whichever new design ceiling trend for 2019 that you are going to choose to make sure to seek advice from professional interior decorators. They would not only guide you to select the best option for your home setting but will also help you with the proper selection of colors and how to accessorize your ceiling. If your home is big enough, you can use a combination of these ceiling designs to spice up your environment. Choose appropriate furniture to enhance the overall beauty of the display further. Make sure the ceiling design has the right objects placed in the room. If there are many objects, use minimal ceiling designing. If you have very few things to set, try to create intricate and artistic designs on the ceiling. To make a strong style statement, keep relocating objects so that you are not bored with the monotonous setting or display. Your fifth wall is waiting to experience newness. Go for it now!