Why Choose Smooth Ceiling Over Popcorn Ceiling?

Why You Should Choose Smooth Ceiling
December 23, 2018
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March 17, 2019

Why Choose Smooth Ceiling over Popcorn Ceiling?

There is no doubt that the home is considered as one of the most precious assets one owns, and thus, homeowners tend to enhance the appeal of their property from time to time. Interior decoration, furniture, and aesthetics are other factors that people keep in mind while renovating their house. The style of the ceiling is important to enhance the beauty of interior decoration, and a large number of people tend to get smooth style ceilings nowadays. In this blog post, we will tell you why people choose smooth ceilings over popcorn ceilings.

Old Style

The popcorn and stucco style ceiling was popular in the 70s, and has now become obsolete in the 21st century. As style is an ever-changing factor, people also tend to adopt a new trend to go with the flow. Popcorn and stucco style ceiling are old and obsolete in the 21st century, and the modern trend is the smooth ceiling that also enhances the appearance of the interior.


Maintenance is another important factor with regards to popcorn ceilings. A large number of people prefer smooth ceilings over popcorn ceilings due to the high maintenance associated with popcorn ceilings.  Whenever you invest in your house, you need to think about the maintenance factor. Popcorn ceilings require care and maintenance to enhance its durability and advantages. On the other hand, maintenance of smooth ceiling is easier. Popcorn ceilings are good to offer a different look to the interior but it will attract dust and debris, and you need to clean it from time to time.


Painting smooth ceilings is easier compared to popcorn style ceilings and it also enhances the appeal of the interior. Furthermore, modern lighting does not suit the old style of stucco/popcorn ceilings but does suit smooth and painted ceilings, which is why a large number of people tend to go with smooth ceilings.

Better Look

Popcorn ceilings sometimes look odd and affect the appearance of rooms in the dark, therefore people prefer smooth ceilings more than old popcorn style ceilings.  

We hope you have now gained an idea regarding why people prefer smooth ceilings rather than old style popcorn and stucco ceilings.