Why You Should Choose Smooth Ceiling

Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Ceiling Renovation Service Provider
December 23, 2018
Why Choose Smooth Ceiling Over Popcorn Ceiling?
December 23, 2018

Why you should choose smooth ceilings?

Key Reasons to Prefer Smooth Ceilings

Choosing the right ceiling style can be a daunting task if you are doing it for the first time. Though professional architects can help you in the process, hiring an experienced architect can be an expensive affair. If you were in the 1970s then your architect would definitely choose popcorn ceilings, but you are in 2018, and you should not pick a back-dated design.

The days of textured ceilings have gone, and people are now leaning towards smooth ceiling designs because of a number of advantages. Let us talk about why you should choose smooth ceilings.

Provides an Aesthetic Look

Smooth ceilings are known for their aesthetic look, and they set well against different wall designs. Popcorn and stucco ceiling, on the other hand, look irregular and they are not suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. The bumpy appearance of popcorn ceilings often hide imperfection or poor drywall work.

Smooth ceilings reflect light in a better way because tradesmen apply paint on them differently. Smooth surfaces will visually increase the height of your ceiling. It means that it will make your room appear larger.

Highlights Defects

Smooth ceilings make it easy for tradesmen to carry paint work on them. Smooth ceilings do not need much preparation work. If you have a popcorn ceiling and you are planning to paint it, you will face a number of difficulties in the process.

If you have a smooth ceiling in your room, you can easily find small holes, cracks, and other damages. You can find the defects and take measures to fix them before painting your ceiling. The irregular look of popcorn or stucco ceilings can make it difficult for you to spot small defects.

It Saves Money

If you have encountered a defect on the surface of your smooth ceiling, it will be easier for tradesmen to repair it, because they will just remove the damaged piece and fix a new piece of drywall on that place. The cost of repairing the smooth ceiling is less expensive compared to the textured ceiling.

In popcorn ceilings, it becomes very difficult for tradesmen to spot the defected area if the damage is small. In many cases, professionals scrape the area to bring out the damaged area and apply different methods to repair it.

A smooth ceiling is also better with regards to maintenance work, as they require less effort and expertise. Moisture cannot affect smooth ceilings, and one can clean them easily.